Our Story

We are young, enthusiastic farmers who sell our own produce on our busy, working farm.

Our happy hens provide the freshest, golden-yolked eggs, and we grow our own specialty vegetables year-round.

We care about our animals. We also believe in fun. Come and see us -- we'd love to blow your minds...

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The people at Minskip Farm Shop are what makes it such a special place...

Picture James Hardisty.

Farmer Ben
Hen Master/Garden Pro

Farmer Ben grew up on a pig and sheep farm near Helmsley. It was only when he left Yorkshire to go to university that he realised how unique his upbringing had been. It is his dream to share real farming with the general public and to break down the barriers between the consumer and their food.

In his previous life, Ben was an exploration geologist, setting up remote camps in the Australian desert and Indonesian rainforest.  

Picture James Hardisty.

Farmer Em
Shop Maestro

Farmer Em isn't from a farming background - she thought she was from the countryside until she visited Farmer Ben. She fell in love with the farming life and now can't get enough of it!

Emma is also the highly acclaimed author of two novels - How To Be A Good Wife and The Last Photograph. She writes under her maiden name - Emma Chapman.

Our Awards

This year, we've been shortlisted for...

Deliciously Yorkshire

Taste Award

Best Independent Retailer

Yorkshire Post

Rural Awards

Best Small Farm Shop

Deliciously Yorkshire

Taste Award

Best New Business