Rafi's Spice Box - Mulligatanni Spice Mix (Medium)


Rafi's Spice Box - Mulligatanni Spice Mix (Medium) - serves 4-6

A peppery coconut sauce inspired by the favourite Raj dish. Curl up with a warming bowl of this delicious curry to keep out the chill.

Origin of the name: Mulliga = pepper, tanni = water. This dish began life as Rasam, a peppery digestive drink/thin soup in South India. This developed into the favourite 'Raj' soup which inspired Rafi's Mulligatanni curry.

If you have any leftover meat from your Sunday roast, this dish is perfect for using it up. The thin sauce helps moisten the meat and make it lovely and juicy again.

Try it with: Chicken, turkey, prawns and white fish or squash.