Rafi's Spice Box - Korma Spice Mix (Mild)


Rafi's Spice Box - Korma Spice Mix (Mild) - serves 4-6

This dish is adapted from a favourite family recipe. It's a savoury, tomato-based dish with creamed coconut and an intoxicating mixture of aromatic spices such as star anise and black cardamom.

Origins: The Moghuls from the northern part of India originally created this dish. They would make it with fragrant spices, nuts, saffron and plenty of cream. Our Korma has a more South Indian influence, where the Moghul dynasty ended. The difference is that the combination of coconut cream and tomatoes infused with spices create a much less sweet dish. The addition of nuts and cream as a garnish are purely optional.

Try it with: Chicken and potatoes (Rafi's favourite!) or roasted vegetables.