A "real" farm shop...

At Minskip Farm Shop, we want you to have fun reconnecting with your food.

From the moment you drive through our gates, you'll see that we're all about field to fork.

To your left, you'll see our burgeoning market garden, filled with deliciously seasonal produce and edged with edible flowers (we love a splash of colour).  Our hens will give you a wave from their paddock and hen spa as you get out of the car.

Then you can buy their eggs and the vegetables metres away in our super-friendly shop!

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Happy Hens

We’re poultry farmers who have a small flock of free range happy hens.

They have full access to our range during daylight hours, foraging on grass and catching some rays, as well as having a well-equipped barn to rest in. As a result, the eggs they lay have more Vitamin D and a better combination of fatty acids than larger free range flocks.

We sell the freshest eggs through our farm shop, only bringing up enough eggs to sell each day: sometimes, they are still warm when we put them on the shop floor. In fact, we are unique to other retailers as we can guarantee our eggs within 48 hours of purchase, making them perfect for poaching.

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Our Produce

We grow a variety of glorious seasonal vegetables in our market garden, picking daily to offer customers the freshest and the best.

What we don’t grow ourselves, we source only the very best from as close as possible to our doorstep, supporting local farmers and other small producers.

As a result, we can quite confidently say we have the best fresh produce available in the North East. If something isn’t good enough, we simply don’t buy it.

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Our Meat

All our meat comes from local farmers and butchers.

This means lower food miles, better welfare and more reasonable prices.

As farmers, we value the lives of animals more than most. It is important to us that all the meat we sell comes from animals who have had a high quality of life. This is why we use trusted local butchers such as Herb Fed Poultry, T.S.Hartley & Sons Butcher and Tancred Farm Shop.

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Champions of Yorkshire's best

We also love to support other local producers.

We're an emporium of local products, championing all the wonderful things sourced and made in Yorkshire, where 96% of products are sourced within 30 miles and almost 50% within 10.

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Gift Grotto

We have expanded our shop to add a pop-up Gift Grotto.

  We want to make things as easy as possible, so we've added a range of high-quality gifts. If you're looking for presents you won't find anywhere else - many of them Yorkshire made - why not come down for a browse?  There are for gifts for gardeners, cyclists and many more. Take a tour by looking through the gallery below.

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Take a tour of our Gift Grotto gallery: