Fruit & Veg Box 2-3 People


This box should feed 2-3 people for approximately 1 week.  Order fresh from the farm and you know you’re getting the best produce.  The box contents can’t be changed, but you can add additional items below:

Salad Potatoes 200g



Spinach Bag 200g

Cherry Tomatoes 200g

Mushrooms 200g

Large Dirty Potatoes 7.5kg Sack




Add-ons total:



27.99. Packed with fresh vegetables and fruit, this box will keep 2-3 tummies full for approximately 1 week. We use as many of our home-grown vegetables and local fruits as possible – whatever is in season and fresh from the patch goes in first. We ensure you get a great selection of our freshest stuff, packed with more vitamins and minerals than produce that’s travelled hundreds of miles. Free delivery within a 6 mile radius.

As we fill the boxes with the most seasonal produce first, the contents of each box may vary.


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