The Yorkshire Hive Honey - Borage


Raw Yorkshire honey made from the nectar of borage (also known as starflower). 

This pale, delicate honey is sweet but doesn’t have a strong taste so is often used as a sugar or golden syrup replacement in recipes. 

All the bees are free range so the exact blend of flowers will vary from season to season, and the colour and taste is always unique.

Why is Yorkshire Hive borage honey so special and so limited?

Borage is a difficult and expensive crop to grow and requires perfect weather conditions. The farmers need beekeepers to put their hives on the borage to pollinate it. If the weather conditions are perfect the bees make lots more honey than they do on any other crop, but it’s always a gamble as to whether this will happen or not! It's a beautiful flower often seen adorning a glass of pimms in the summer. 

100% Raw Honey 

Size 340g